• Price: $6.50
  • Service: lunch, dinner

Certainly not the most photogenic sandwich, but a definite candidate for the greatest sandwich in the world. This torta brings together spicy Chorizo sausage and carnitas (pulled pork) on a soft bed of Telera bread. The soft white Oaxaca cheese is reminiscent of mozarella string cheese. All wonderful ingredients, but the magic of this sandwich really comes together with the toppings: a taste of earthy black bean paste, zingy chipotle mayo, fresh tomato and avocado, and some delicately pickled onions. Each of these distinct flavors brings something to the symphony of the Torta Campechana, and the whole is balanced, thrilling, and satisfying without sending you into an afternoon food coma.

As I've told many friends, I was an ardent fan of Tenoch's tacos--also intensely flavored and constructed with fresh ingredients--when I saw one of these beauties being assembled behind the counter and then gently set on the grill. I immediately changed my taco order to "one of those, whatever that is!" and never turned back. I still enjoy the tacos, garnachas, and other delicious treats at Tenoch, but this is the King of Tortas!

  • Hybernaut
  • March 30, 2014 06:36
  • updated March 31, 2014 05:25